10 Things To Do In Amsterdam

10 Things To Do In Amsterdam

Please note: This post contains personal recommendations and therefore is an advertisment, however, it is not sponsored.

In the past I visited many european cities such as London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Prague, Barcelona,… My all time favourite city in Europe I got to know only at the end of 2016 – Amsterdam! The dutch city casted a spell over me immediately, Amsterdam is simply amazing – it’s unique, charming, young and hip! That’s why I summarized for you the 10 things you should definitely do in Amsterdam!

#1 Take a walk through Jordaan district

When you have a Amsterdam map in front of you, you can find the Jordaan district on the left upper side. Many travel guides state that this district is the most beautiful in whole Amsterdam – and they are right! Although it’s a popular district, it is still quiet and cosy and authentic. You really feel like you’re on a film set!

#2 Visit hip cafés, bars, pubs und restaurants

As I said before, Amsterdam is a hip and young city. There are plenty of cool cafés, bars and restaurants that often come in a cool retro and vintage style. No matter what season it is – as soon as the sun’s out every single habitant of Amsterdam is outside having a drink or something to eat.

Restaurant Tipp: TEUN – Haarlemmerdijk 61, LUCCA – Palmdwarsstraat 13;
Café/Bar Tipp: THIJSSEN – Brouwersgracht 107;

#3 Do a canal boat trip

Normally I try avoid the classical tourism, but doing a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam is really a must! Directly near the main train station you can find lots of boat stations that offer an 1 hour ride with audio guides (average price of 11€ per person). You will make an unfortgettable tour through the inner city and the harbour – a must when you are in Amsterdam.

#4 Visit one of the many museums

Amsterdam is well known for its museums: Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Maritime museum, Anne Frank House, Moco Museum – you have the coice. Tipp: Buy your tickets as soon as possible online so you can avoid waiting times on-site.

#5 Visit a regional market

Every saturday you have the opportunity to visit a regional market (for example in the Jordaan district) where you can buy nearly everything, especially wonderful fresh flowers!

#6 Stroll through the park

Amsterdam has a lot to offer, also parks where you can enjoy the nature, for example the Vondelpark. You can find more information about the parks here.

#7 Rent a bike

There’s no doubt – Amsterdam is the city of bycicles! Sometimes it might get a little dangerous, but if you take care it is a perfect opportunity to explore the city! You can rent a bike here.

#8 Take long walks through the city (at night)

Amsterdam is able to impress you only through the architecture and its charme. Another advantage is that Amsterdam is not a really big city and so it is possible to reach many spots by foot. Therefore the city is perfect for taking long walks. Tipp: Take a walk in the evening or at night – the whole city is beautifully illuminated!

#9 Visit the Heineken brewery

I don’t drink any beer, but I visted the Heineken brewery and I didn’t regret it! Heineken simply is one of the most famous beers and the tour you can do in the brewery is so much fun!
Tipp: Again, you should buy your tickets in advance (you can do this online here). You can also combine the ticket for the brewery with a canal boat tour.

#10 Go to the cinema

I want to be honest – The weather in Amsterdam isn’t always the best. The city is beautiful no matter what weather you might have, but in the worst case you need a programme for bad weather. Going to the cinema is a perfect opportunity to kill the time, because in the Netherlands they only play the original versions of every film, that means they are almost always in english.
You can find a list with all the cinemas in Amsterdam and the current programme here.

Have fun in Amsterdam!


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  1. Avatar November 21, 2017 / 10:15 am

    Amsterdam ist eine Stadt, in die ich schon seit langem mal fliegen möchte. Die Zeit erlaubt es zwar derweil nicht, aber wenns mal passt, komme ich sicher auf deine Liste zurück☺️

    LG Moni

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